Public School 145

Interior Design. New York, 2012

Parsons The New School for Design


Exterior Identity

            For the Magnet School for Technology and Multimedia Communication (PS145), I proposed the digital signage pattern on the exterior façade.  I first came up with an idea of wrapping the building with colored strips to add playfulness to the very horizontal and rigid shape of the building. I brought digital LED signage onto the wall instead of colored strips to embrace the theme of technology. The panels with letters show the name of the school, today’s event, and announcement. The rest of the panels are colored moving digital signage that directs walking people toward the entry of the school. 

Learning Environment

            The atrium at P.S. 145 is a place where students from the both school share. It is also the first place where visitors land when they come inside the school, and it is pretty much an empty space in between the entry and the garden. I wanted to utilize this area by bringing in movable walls on the rails. The rails are gridded and hung from the ceiling, and movable walls rotate and slide along the rail vertically.  The idea of grid and verticality is transformation from horizontality of digital signage pattern, and it also embraces the idea of abstracting branches of tree. These walls enable to utilize the atrium as seating/gallery/classroom space by simply moving them.